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  As a live video production company we capture the moments as they happen creating that multi shoot and ensuring the live experience is filmed on camera and edited to a high standard for DVD, TV or streamed on the World Wide Web. 

A professionally filmed production is as import as finding the right music studio, when recording a new album.  We have years of experience ensuring that your live performance compliments and enhances your music, leaving you with confidence to take your footage to your fan base and the music industry.


  • Live Gigs & Concerts
  • Comedy Shows
  • Interviews
  • Award Evenings
  • Documentaries
  • Corporate Events
  • Special Occasions


As well as your event being filmed live using a number of cameras, we can also mixed it live and relay the footage to screens on stage, adding impact to your event.  We can also create a live webcast to go out to views across the world giving them access to an event they would have other wise missed out on. 

If you just want a multi shoot and then edited in post production we can put it altogether using our state of the art digital editing system and place the footage on your website or create a high quality DVD.


  • Multi camera shoot in post production.
  • Multi camera shoot with live mixing.
  • Live webcast to views across the world.
  • Accommodate extra people showing video in a overflow room.
  • Relay video on big screens to add impact to your event.




Tel: 020 7193 6640

Email tony.baptiste@icoros.com


Live gigs/concerts


Music videos

Awards Evenings

Promotional/Training videos




 As you are passionate about your project, we are passionate about capturing your performance!





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