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The best way to obtain a costing for your video production is to contact us, if it's your first time commissioning a video production there are some key questions which may be relevant to your production and help us understand what your requirements are. I hope the following questions help.



  • Number of locations you plan to use and where?
  • Is your event promoted for the public or is this a private event?
  • Would you need a location scout in finding a venue(s)?
  • What is the purpose of your video production (fans to buy the live performance on DVD, to go into your promotional pack when sending out to people in the music industry) etc.
  • Number of people (Musicians) in the production?
  • Do you require a Presenter for interviews
  • Do you have any special requirements for the shoot, such as make-up artists,  complex lighting, full PA system etc.
  • How many songs do you plan to perform or how long is your performance?
  • What is your deadline for the completed production?
  • Roughly, what is your budget for your video production?


We look forward to hearing from you!


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